Mandala Drum V3 System, the future of electronic drums

The smartest things you'll ever hit with a stick just got a heck of a lot smarter.

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  • • HD drum pads that know where & how hard you hit them
  • • Included Virtual Brain software (plugin & standalone)
  • • Expandable expressive '3D Instrument' audio sample library
  • • Nine individual rim zones for additional triggering

Mandala Drum V3 System

Hardware + Software + HD Sounds

  • Powered by patented membrane technology, Mandala Drums know where and how hard you hit them, including 9 separate force sensing rim triggers.
  • Features include analog drum surfaces and digital signal transmission offering the fastest hybrid drums on the planet.
  • The Mandala Module connects up to 7 Mandala Drums and multiple e-kick, e-hat, and expression pedals via USB to the Mandala Virtual Brain software and MDA '3D File Format' sound sample library.
  • The MDA sound file format is made up of multiple position and velocity specific instrument samples. Just drag MDA's onto Mandala Drums and play away. You can even build your own MDA files.

Played by thousands of musicians in over 40 countries, previous Mandala Drum versions have lit up the press...

"Setting up the Mandala couldn't be any simpler. With its powerful software brain, the Mandala is ready for a place in your stage or studio setup." -Rhythm Team

"The Mandala is a musician friendly piece of kit that can add a new level of interest to a performance or recording." -Paul White

"It made me think differently about what I was playing. And to me, that type of inspiration is priceless." -Mike Dawson

"After only 30 minutes with the pad I became quite excited about what I could make with it." -Future Music Team

"This is an extremely flexible creative tool that can add a whole new chapter to your musical endeavors." -Craig Anderton

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